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2017 ESPN Presidential Classic in Orlando Florida


We would like to welcome back our WAG and MAG team that attended the 2017 ESPN Presidential Classic in Orlando Florida this past weekend! (Feb15-22, 2017)

It was a tough competition, however our Athletes and Coaches did a great job and had great results!



Level 4

Ava Tan Ramos: GOLD on vault, bars, beam, floor and GOLD- All Around!!! Yes- 5 GOLD MEDALS!!!!!!

Mikayla Clements: 4th- vault, 4th – bar, 7th- beam, silver – floor, BRONZE – all around!!

Calista Bouwmeester: 7th – Vault, 7th – Bars, 7th – Beam, 6th – Floor, and 7th – All Around

Emily Lewis: 8th- Beam, 9th- Floor and 11th – All Around


Level 6

Tamara Macdonald – GOLD-vault, Silver – bars, Bronze – beam, Gold-Floor and GOLD – ALL AROUND!!

Tendo Babiyre – 5th-vault, Bronze-bars, Bronze-beam, Bronze-Floor, and BRONZE– All Around!

Breanna Lucienbaker – 5th-bars, GOLD – floor and 4th-All Around

Naomi Emoff- 5th -Vault, GOLD – beam-GOLD and 4th- All around

Emma Chateau – 11th-vault, beam-11th –beam, 7th – floor and 13th All Around

Anaya Harrison – 4th-vault, 5th-floor and 8th – All Around

Meagan Beffort – 10th- vault, 11th – floor and 12th – All Around


Level 7

Kayla Shaw – 8th – vault, Silver – bars, 7th – beam and 6th- All Around


Joshua Real – 6th-vault, 9th parallel bars, 4th- Floor and 8th – All Around

Olajide Sholola – GOLD-Floor and Pommels, Silver- Rings, Bronze- p-bars and 4th All Around.

Isaac Estepa – 6th-vault, 9th-parallel bars, Bronze – rings and 5th-All Around

Awesome job team All Star!! We are so proud of all of you.

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