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Competitive (WAG)

The following programs are by INVITATION only

COMPETITIVE Season: July 2017- June 2018

Program Descriptions

Important Terms: WAG Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, OCP Ontario Competitive Program, ODP Ontario Development Program, JO (Junior Olympic), TOPS Talent Opportunity Program

(4-6 yr olds) WAG Minis (1-2 meets)

This introductory program involves extra emphasis on conditioning, flexibility and specific drills in preparation for basic skill development. Gymnasts learn important positions essential to basic skills. Listening skills are imperative at this stage and begin at home. A strong work ethic through structure and routine is also developed here while incorporating fun, playtimes as well to break up the routine. Most of all, they learn that gymnastics is a fun thing to do, it’s also hard work and the gym is a place they love to come to! 4 or 6 hrs

(6-8 yrs olds) WAG T.O.P.S (2 meets)

Gymnasts will increase their strength and flexibility and continue to develop their skills and conditioning level in preparation for advanced gymnastics. The focus is on learning basics and proper form. This is an exciting time where gymnasts acquire many new skills and begin to develop the self-confidence necessary for the sport. Gymnasts will be entered into 1 or 2 ODP (Ontario Development Program) meets or compulsory ‘routines’ competitions at the end of the season. From this program, the gymnasts will begin working on OCP (Ontario Competitive Program) JO Levels 1-5 and on their way to becoming a competitive gymnast 9 or 12 hrs

(8yrs+) WAG JO Levels 1-2 (min 2 meets)

Gymnasts learn advanced skills with a stronger emphasis on details, keep to a strict conditioning program and prepare and develop routines to perform in 2-3 local competitions per year. These meets do not lead to a championships. Emphasis is on experiencing gymnastics in the fullest sense, personal goal accomplishment, developing self-esteem, lasting friendships and great memories. Gymnasts in this program who develop skills and training habits beyond this level always have the opportunity to be considered for higher levels of competition. This is a great program for the development of the advanced gymnast, keeping your child healthy, focused and busy! Some of these athletes may be invited to eventually compete in qualifiers, leading to a Provincial Championships for their level. 6-8 hrs

(8 yrs+) WAG JO Levels 3-5 (3-5 meets)

This program is for gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional ability for competitive gymnastics. They develop a higher level of skills, are able to execute them with proper form and presentation and will maintain an above average level of conditioning throughout the season. The emphasis is on neat, clean routines that are polished and exude confidence. This requires a great deal of commitment and effort in all aspects of their competitive training program. This involves consistency in training. Gymnasts who show this exceptional commitment, work ethic, ability to work independently, outstanding progress and results will be trained for skills and levels of increased difficulty. 8-12hrs

(9 yrs +) HPP JO Levels 6-10 Provincial/National approx. 3-5 meets)

This program is for gymnasts who are deemed exceptional in ability, training ethic, commitment, ability to take and apply correction, mental toughness, ability to handle pressure, emotions, etc. They are able to understand the most complex skills and demonstrate an ability to persevere through tough times of training up to and including an Elite level. This involves consistency in training and 100% commitment. Some will have opportunities to earn travel privileges, compete as an individual and as part of various teams should they qualify. Opportunities for obtaining scholarships may also be available at this level. Scouts require submission of video in competition and in training demonstrating highest skills achieved and performed successfully early on in the grade 11 year. This is the job of the parents so videotaping is recommended and vital for all meets from grade 10 and up. 16-25hrs+

WAG High Performer Program Daytime (HPP)

We are pleased to report that the HPP daytime program has provided optimal training since it has been implemented at All Star. The afternoon HPP competitive training program for WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) continues to grow and will have approximately 16-20 athletes in it this coming year! Some athletes have now been attending the High Performer Program for 2 years and attend Hollycrest PS in Etobicoke. This private athlete’s school is fully funded by the government and is part of the TDSB. A similar new school in peel will open for Sept 2017 in Mississauga. Other athletes leave their regular school early each day to be at the gym for 2 pm. Great news! Parents have reported no regrets in sending their children to the school and have found the children are less tired and more productive, as well as excelling academically.

This program for athletes is by invitation only who are at or who we see potentially reaching – a minimum Provincial level 6 and up. It allows students to go to school in the morning 8:30-11:30 and train in the afternoon beginning at 2:00pm until 6:00pm daily! This schedule encourages a lifestyle of gym/sports and school combined into a much shorter day than the typical training options provide, also allowing for more homework and family time.

To register: you must have been sent an email invitation from All .Star Sports Centre for your child, inviting them to a specific group below. . For a tryout, or more information about our competitive program, email us at competitive@allstarsportscentre.com 



WAG (Women’s Artistic Program)