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Fees & Schools 2018-2019


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GYMKIDS 2018-2019 Term

Sept 5, 2018 to June 29, 2019


Register for your School below. It is on a first come / first serve basis.

After Registering you will be contacted by the Program Manager to complete the registration.

Register School Days Times Openings Tuition
Register Ingleborough P.S
Register  Terry Fox P.S
Register Mc Clure P.S
Register Alloa P.S
Register  St. Josephine Bakhita E.S
Register Mount Pleasant P.S
Register  Rowntree P.S
Register St Rita E.S
Register  Southfields Village P.S
Register  St Angela Merici E.S
Register  St Ursula E.S
Register  Carrefour
Register  Brisdale P.S
  • Alloa P.S (2 spots left)
  • Brisdale P.S (2 spots left)
  • Carrefour des jeunes (2 spots left)
  • Ingleborough P.S (FULL)
  • Homestead P.S (2 spots left)
  • Herb Campbell (1 spot left)
  • Rowntree P.S (FULL)
  • Rowntree Montessori (5 spots left)
  • Southfields Village P.S (2 spots left)
  • St Aiden (1 spot left)
  • St Angela Merici (FULL)
  • St Lucy (FULL)
  • St Ursula (4 spots left)
  • St Joachim (1 spots left)
  • St Rita (2 spots left)
  • Terry Fox P.S (2 spots left)
  • Worthington P.S (1 spot left)

2017-2018 GYMKIDS Schools

  • Alloa P.S
  • Brisdale P.S
  • Carrefour des jeunes
  • Ingleborough P.S
  • Homestead P.S
  • Herb Campbell
  • Rowntree P.S
  • Southfields Village P.S
  • St Aiden
  • St Angela Merici
  • St Lucy
  • St Joachim
  • St Rita
  • Terry Fox P.S
  • Worthington P.S

Is Your Child’s School Not on the List?

GYMKIDS F1ees & Schools

Send us an email to gymkids@allstarsportscentre.com and inquire as to the possibility of picking up from a new school! Please include in the email the school address, location and bell time.

What Is the Minimum Number of GYMKIDS Required for Pickup?

We require a minimum of 3 children per school to add the school to our list. Any schools accepted with a lower number is an exception. For that reason, we encourage you tell your friends at the same school, contact us anyways to get on our list! You never know who may contact us from the same school!

How Far Will GYMKIDS Shuttles Go for Pickup?

Generally, schools must be in a 10km radius to be considered but again, there have been exceptions. The chances of a far school qualifying will depend on a full shuttle van of GYMKIIDS in order to make it feasible so tell your friends!

Does Your Child’s School Say FULL?

Call anyway! We will put you on our waiting list!

How Soon Should You Register?

Registration begins Feb 1st for current GYMKIDS and Feb 15th for new members. Limited seats are available.



Program Ages Times 5 Days per week
GYMKIDS With Transportation 4-13 yrs School bell time-6:00pm $419/month
$236.73/bi weekly with HST 1st and 15th
GYMKIDS Without Transportation
(Full Time Only)
4-13 yrs 3-6pm $370.80/month
GYMKIDS Without Transportation
(Full Time Only)
4-13 yrs 4-6pm $288.40/month
Competitive GYMKIDS* 6-13 yrs School bell time-6:00pm $419/monthly*
10.1KM/10 min or More 4-13 yrs School bell time-6:00pm $479/month
Extended Care 4-13 yrs 6:00-6:30pm $50/month

* GYMKIDS Competitive will have other fees such as uniform/meets, etc.

GYMKIDS Membership Fee : $125.00 (includes administrative and Gymnastics Ontario Insurance Fees Valid July 1st – June 30th each year)

HST : will be added to all fees

Payment Options :

  • 1 Payment (SAVE 10%) no refunds – credit card or debit due at registration
  • 2 Payments (SAVE 5%) no refunds – credit card or debit due at registration &Dec 15
  • Monthly – Pre-Authorized Debit Payment Plan (void chq required) OR credit card, due 1st of each month. A $3 fee is added for each installment. The First installment is due at time of registration by debit or credit card.

Sibling Discounts : 10% discount on multiple children

PA Day Camp Discount : Full Time GYMKIDS receive 50% off PA DAY CAMPS!

Chalktalk Café : In a hurry? Pre-paid tabs are available for healthy snacks purchased a our on site Café.