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General Information


Where the Fun Begins and the Learning Continues!

General Information

GYMKIDS was created to help YOU with your children’s school day… while you work!

GYMKIDS Season : Sept 3rd, 2019 – Jun 30th, 2020

Here Are 6 Ways We Can Help:

GYMKIDS General Information

  • We will rescue your kids from school in one of our GYMKIDS shuttle vans
  • We will take great care of your kids after school with highly structured, ACTIVE programs and a LOW 8:1 ratio
  • We will supervise snack, art, homework and/or daily reading time
  • We will provide much more than the daily physical activity your child needs to be happy and healthy
  • We will teach your children skills in gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, fitness, conditioning and more!
  • We will enforce teamwork, good values, proper manners, conflict resolution, respect, kindness, communication and leadership skills

How the GYMKIDS Program Works

Ages 4-12 yrs

GYMKIDS – With Transportation

At the end of the day, when the bell rings, your child will be picked up from their school in one of our safe shuttle vans. Our friendly, experienced drivers, are hired for their personality and excellent driving record.

No sitting or waiting on a bus! GYMKIDS are then transported to the gym, where caring staff greet the children and begin activities right away.

GYMKIDS – Without Transportation

If your child does not need transportation after school (and there is room in the program) you can drop them off at the gym from 4-6pm daily. They will be included in the best group for them and join in all the learning and fun!

Full School Year Program

GYMKIDS is a full year program with or without transportation. If there is room in the program and you register after the start of the school year, we will gladly pro-rate the fees for you! If you want to switch from another afterschool program and need to pay a cancelation fee, simply provide proof and we will deduct this amount from your first monthly fee!


Skills are taught using safe, logical progressions. Our curriculum revolves around lesson plans incorporated into all classes taught in the gym. GYMKIDS are required to bring gym clothes and participate fully, every day.

GYMKIDS will be evaluated 2x per season in gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, based on the Canada wide CANGYM, CANJUMP and the All Star Tumbling Level Systems.
GYMKIDS will be active in

  • Gymnastics
  • Trampoline
  • Tumbling
  • Fitness
  • Conditioning
  • Games
  • Homework
  • Snack
  • Reading
  • Art

Benefits for Parents and GYMKIDS

  • Healthy, happy, tired kids at the end of the day!!!
  • Less worry for parents while at work
  • Guilt free – kids are not stuck at school, after the bell rings
  • Activities done for the day = stay home and enjoy your evening
  • Convenient late pick up 6:00pm
  • Low 8:1 ratio for increased safety and structure
  • Many convenient, easy payment options
  • Kids learn skills
  • Kids learn great values and get fit
  • Kids learn respect and responsibility

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