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Drop In & Open Gym

If you are not interested in taking a whole term, but looking to have fun in the gym, fun with friends or as extra practice, you have come to the right place! We offer drop in and open gym classes for all ages and all levels! Other than a mandatory warmup, these classes are unstructured allowing participants to choose what available equipment to use and what they want to work on, with the guidance of a qualified coach.

How Jungle Drop-In Works
Jungle Drop-In 18mos – 5yrs


Drop-In Card: 1st Card is $20.00 with $35.00 Membership Fee.
Subsequent cards: $30.00 (5 Visits)
Per Visit: $7.00 per visit/per child (with valid membership)
Register: in person only
Class length:1.5 Hours

How Open Gym Works


Open Gym Card: First Card $105 with + $35.00 Membership Fee
Subsequent cards: $135 (10 visits)
Per Visit: $15.00 per visit/per person (with valid membership)
Register: in person only
Class length: 1.5 Hours

Open Gym ages 8-12yrs and 13yrs+

$35.00 per person membership fee July 1 – June 30 will apply.
All fees + Hst.

For Dates and Times of Open and Jungle Drop In, please check our calendar on our home page.