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Q. What class should I register for?

A. Read the class or program descriptions, look at the ages and make sure your child meets the prerequisite or is the proper level and select the best class for your child.
Please note: Gymstars and Kinderstars are by coaches recommendation only! Forget your child’s level? Need help? Call us @ 905-495-9950 during office hours or email us at info@allstarsportscentre.com.

Q. Can I request a specific coach?

A. The coaching schedule is quite challenging and similar to putting a puzzle together. Coaches are scheduled according to coaching availability, levels of the class, levels of the coach, needs of the gym etc. You can let us know your preferences to keep in mind while doing the schedule by email, however, we cannot guarantee your favorite coach will be matched with the class of your choice. We do guarantee though, your child will love any of our caring instructors! We also do our best to be as consistent as possible with coaches schedules for the season.

Q. Why is there a membership fee?

A. This is primarily a Gymnastics Ontario fee and a small portion is an All Star administrative fee. We are a proud member club of Gymnastics Ontario, the governing body for our sport in Ontario. It is through Gymnastics Ontario that members gain many benefits including the most current coaching rules and regulations, clinics and education, level system information, guidelines, and more. All participants of affiliated gyms across the province are required to pay this fee. We also provide Customer Service Staff to assist you for over 50 hours each week!

Q. What do we do when we arrive on the first day?

A. Arrive 15 – 20 minutes ahead of time on the first day. Check in at the office to sign the waiver and explain that you are there for the first day of classes or camp or GYMKIDS or competitive etc. Go to the change-rooms, get ready for your child’s program and enter into the gym areas 5 minutes before the class. Coaches will call the students names.
Gym Jungle – (18 mos – 5 yrs) is located on the mezzanine level.
Main Gym –(6 yrs+)is located on the main floor

Q. What do participants wear?

A. Girls – wear a one piece body suit, fitted shorts, long hair in a ponytail or bun, bare feet. No bathing suits or 2 piece suits.
Boys – wear a fitted t-shirt, tucked into shorts, long hair in a ponytail or bun, bare feet
No earrings (except studs) or other jewelry is allowed. Please leave all valuables at home.

Q. Do you have parent viewing?

A. Yes. It is located on the mezzanine level and there are bleachers for parents. Parents are required to stay for children 3 years and under. The lower level chairs are reserved for the elderly or infirm. Parents are required to watch their children carefully and keep them with them at all times. Parents are also required to put any garbage in the proper containers for garbage.

Q. What kind of snacks are permitted in our centre?

A. We recommend and encourage teaching your children that healthy snacks taste great and are the best choices to make for their long term health. Snacks cannot include nuts due to many of our children having life-threatening allergies therefore, nuts are not permitted anywhere in the centre. Healthy snacks do not include Mc Donald’s, chips, pizza, chocolate bars or other processed foods. These should be reserved for special occasions only. Healthy snacks include fruit, veggies, cheese, yogurt, whole wheat/multi-grain wraps, hummus, tzatziki, beans, quinoa, oats, honey, unprocessed meats, homemade soups, unsweetened juices, smoothies, stews, salads, leftover healthy dinners, etc. We make every effort to sell healthy products in our Cafe for the days when you are on the run and have limited time!

Q. Who are allowed in the change rooms?

A. For the privacy , safety and comfort level of our members who are changing, dads and boys over 3 yrs of age are not allowed in the girls change rooms and moms and girls over 3 yrs of age are not allowed in the boys change rooms. If there are any concerns, we expect members will kindly use the washrooms temporarily, to change in complete privacy. Thank you for respecting these guidelines, for the benefit of all members.

Q. Do you offer makeup classes? If so, how do I book one?

A. Yes! For recreational classes only, on holidays where classes are canceled or any other time a class is canceled. We do not offer makeup classes for absences due to illness or other personal reasons. Makeup classes are posted on the bulletin boards in the gym and are on a designated day and held at specific times. Advance signup is required via emailing the gym at info@allstarsportscentre.com, calling 905-495-9950 or signing up your child on the board when you are in the gym.

Q. Can I change my child’s class?

A. Yes! We are happy to change your child’s class to another class, where there is room. The fee is $10.00 to make a class change. If a change occurs as a result of our scheduling, or recommendation to another class, there is no charge.

Q. Are classes ever cancelled due to weather conditions?

A. Yes. For the safety of our staff and customers, we may have to cancel classes due to weather.

For the GYMKIDS After School Program we currently use the PEEL public school board’s inclement weather guidelines and decisions as our guide in determining whether we will provide transportation and/or the GYMKIDS services. In the event that the PEEL public school busses are not running, the GYMKIDS transportation from school will also be cancelled. However, the GYMKIDS program will be open if schools remain open. This cancellation includes any competitive pick ups. If the PEEL public school board closes schools due to inclement weather, the GYMKIDS after school program will also be cancelled. In the event that weather conditions worsen through-out the day and we believe the safety of our staff and students may be in jeopardy, parents will be contacted to make arrangements to pick up their children.

For Recreational Programs- If School buses are cancelled, all morning classes are cancelled including Jungle Drop In.

Conditions will be reassessed and an update will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page (Please LIKE US on Facebook) by 3:00pm.

Weekend Classes: Information will be posted on our website and Facebook page by 8am and 12 noon.

Notice of any program cancellation will be updated on our answering machine and website.