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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Do you need extra help with strength, flexibility or learning a specific skill?

Our qualified, trained coaches can help you reach your goal!


Private lessons are available in blocks of 4 classes, booked once per week, for 4 consecutive weeks.


Scheduling for Private Lessons depends on coaching availability and work around our regular classes and scheduling.

Private Lessons are available July, August, Sept 15-June 30.

Typical times may include:

Mon- Fri: 4-5/8-9pm daily
Sat or Sun: 1-2/2-3/3-4/4-5pm

Why Take a Regular Class?

We recommend participants who take Private Lessons also take a regular weekly class to have time to practice, This will result in greater progress and the best chance for success!

How to Book

Call the gym at 905-495-9950, visit in person or send an email to info@allstarsportscentre.com.

Group Bookings

  1. All groups require a group rep
  2. GROUP REP BONUS! The group rep will get a $50.00 credit for managing a successful group at the completion of a groups classes!
  3. The rep is responsible for the booking, communication, waivers and all fees.
  4. The rep will be the communicator of the group.
  5. Bookings for double (2 participants), triple (3 participants) and quad (4 participants) lessons are booked and paid for in full by the group rep
  6. All in the group are registered under the reps name.
  7. The rep is responsible for collecting all fees for themselves from other members of the group.
  8. Fees for the entire block must be paid in advance.
  9. 48hr notice is required for any rescheduling. A reschedule may involve a change of day or time.
  10. All groups must agree to any rescheduling through their rep and communicated to the office by email only.


Pricing (includes 4 classes)

Level of Coach Private 1 in class Double 2 in class Triple 3 in class Quad 4 in class
1 $200pp (50/hr pp) $160pp (40/hr pp) $120pp (30/hr pp) $80pp (20/hr pp)
2 $240pp (60/hr pp) $200pp (50/hr pp) $160pp (40/hr pp) $120pp (30/hr pp)
3 $280pp (70/hr pp) $240pp (60/hr pp $200pp (50/hr pp) $180pp (40/hr pp)

* All fees + hst. Gymnastics Ontario Membership Fee $35.00 required (valid July 1st-June 30 each year)


Registration for this service is done in person only.